Positioned to Reign

David was powerful because though he was already anointed and positioned for the throne, he humbled himself to Saul still enthroned, served him and ministered to the person who despised him most. It was the anointing upon David that made his enemies quake, that gave him authority to move heaven and earth, and that challenged the ignorance of others so that the Lord would be honored high.

Some Observations about Powerful People:
  • Though you have the power, you might not have the authority
  • Any man’s kingdom can be shaken
  • It is our responsibility to be good stewards with what we have
  • Jealousy never honors, it always judges
  • Promotion happens when we are positioned to receive
  • The favor of God is the anointing of God
  • God looks at what man doesn’t and see’s them objectively; his choices are always right
  • Your anointing does not always mean ‘now’, it might mean ‘later’, but what you do with that information ‘now’ can also affect your ‘later’.

God does not mistake those he chooses. His anointing is right every time and is timely. He never gives what we are not ready for, and never promotes when we are not positioned to receive. God is objective and always determines rightly.

Whatever it is the Lord has chosen you for and whatever he has set you up to do: Press in. Be patient. Stay attentive. The Lord is shifting atmospheres and is paving the way. Remain faithful. He always brings about what he says he will.


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